Author Topic: Salt Flat 2 - Recorded Matches Featuring Savvy Eh? + MikeIsMyIke  (Read 540 times)


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Salt Flat 2 - Recorded Matches Featuring Savvy Eh? + MikeIsMyIke
« on: September 22, 2014, 03:04:29 am »
Hey everyone, not sure how many of you were waiting on these videos, but they're finally up. I'd like to apologize for the tremendous delay in having these uploaded, unfortunately it was out of my hands.

Either way they're here now!

Part 1:

Jose vs Limee 9:30
Savvy Eh? vs Taiyaki Time 17:05
MikeIsMyIke vs Syke 23:15
Red Sky Hypnosis vs Savvy Eh? 34:00
Grivlier vs Bread 43:20
Syke vs Taiyaki Time 59:15

Part 2:

MikeIsMyIke vs Alphicans 1:40
Savvy Eh? vs Bread 9:20
Grivlier vs Red Sky Hypnosis 17:00
IGS Donation Show Off: 27:35
Winners Finals: Savy Eh? vs MikeIsMyIke 34:30
Limee vs Bread 48:30
Redsky Hypnosis vs Alphicans: 1:10:00
Bread vs Alphicans 1:29:40
Loser's Finals: Savvy Eh? vs Alphicans 1:40:40
Grand Finals: Savvy Eh? vs MikeIsMyIke 1:50:15

Challenge Bracket:

Tonnes of Thanks to Iron Galaxy for donating the controllers to the tournament, and thanks to all those who came out to play!

Savy also does a sick job commentating in the 5 or so matches he commentates.