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Items: Finer Points and Interactions
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:17:21 pm »
Search basics:
1) You can cancel your landing frames into Search. This is a pivotal tech that enables some of the interactions.
2) K~D Search moves you backwards, and that's generally the preferred way of digging.
3) Kicking over an enemy and cancelling landing frames into Search (K+D and K~D both work) results in Markman throwing an item facing the wrong way, which means he can throw items past side walls.

Chemistry: drains meter. No strange/unusual function found as of yet.

Oil: Backslide, frontslide, classic search (you keep the movement vector you got upon landing). Other ground specials do not have an interaction. Test other Class 1 specials.

Buttons: obviously do not disable items already placed on the battlefield, but do not prolong their uptime either. No interaction with other items found yet. Recovery seems to be less than with normal items.

Kickbox: completing the Kickbox whilst standing on Glue sticks you to it (=1 sec stun) unless you use the Upkick charge instantly (not 100%), otherwise the same as buttons.
Glue: if you cancel your landing frames in Search, you won't get stuck. This allows for advancing agressively with Glue present. Test other Class 1 specials.

Spring: bizarre interaction with Stream; in case Dr. Shoals kickbacks into Spring, weird stuff happens; The weirdness is doubled if it's Shoals stance Kenny. It's possible for Shoals to kickback off the Spring if she starts the round on top of it. EWGF isn't disabled while bouncing.

Black Hole: strange interaction with Stream and S-Kill. Single jump characters minus Shoals can farm meter faster than usual by spamming K,K near the hole; this works amazingly well for Markman himself, resulting in a near 50% increased farm speed. Other interactions are quite complex and require extensive testing. You can backslide out of the hole.

Oil sliding in-depth:
1) Landing on an Oil Spill and cancelling landing frames into K~D Search performs a Frontslide.
2) Performing a K~D Search on Oil without cancelling results in a Backslide.
3) Speed and range of slides is roughly the same (2/3s of screen).
4) You continue to slide even after you finish the Search animation.

This was written over the course of 10 minutes. The post needs fixes and updates.
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Re: Items: Finer Points and Interactions
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2014, 02:13:25 pm »
Class 1 Specials

There are 3 types of Ground Specials, we sort them using this ladder:
1) Specials that allow you to cancel your landing frames into them (e.g. Markman, Kung Pao)
2) Specials that are only usable after the landing frames ended (e.g. Dr. Shoals in AE/AE+, Kick)
3) Specials that require you to wait for additional 4-5 frames post landing frames (Sensei, Dive, Gat)

Baz is a special case: his Shocker is class 2 unless you use it right after Bazkousen, in which case it's 1 (according to Gunthor).