Author Topic: Divekick accessibility for visually impaired players  (Read 1182 times)


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Divekick accessibility for visually impaired players
« on: January 05, 2015, 04:40:28 pm »

First off, I wanted to express my appreciation for this game. It's unbelievably fun, something I wouldn't want to come to terms with until I've actually tried it - and now it's hard to put down. :D

However, there is a small issue that me and a lot of my friends are continuusly running into.

We're a community of highly visually impaired, or even blind, players. The gameplay is perfect, due to the stereo sound provided, and can be a lot of fun. However, configuring the game, and joining an online lobby can be very difficult, seeing we cannot read the text on the screen.

Skullgirls, a game most probably have heard of, has a feature to address this problem, by outputting the currently selected menu item to the clipboard as you move around in the menu, as well as the text in the story mode. My question is, if it was possible to, in a future update, add this very same functionality to Divekick?

more often than not we have found ourselves asking for help to figure out the menu. Once we got the basic structure down, the only way we could join a lobby is by going through them, one by one, listening out to the automaticaly initiating voice chat to tell if we had chosen the right lobby. If we hadn't, we would have to exit our current lobby, and select the next one in the list until we found the right one. This is tedious and can sometimes take quite forever. Plus it can be emberrassing, joining a lobby and asking "Is this the right lobby?", only to leave and try this on another. I don't want to know how many players we got confused using this method. Who knows, maybe we could have been banned for trolling for doing this? :D

Since the game is unbelievably fun, we would love to see a feature like this added to this game as well. I'm sure that not only would it help us, but it would also attract a lot of other blind or visually impaired players, which in turn adds to the popularity of the game. Would this be possible?

Looking forward to your answer.

I'm a developer of games especially taylored to people without vision, so I'm quite active in this community and would help to promote this game. In fact, I've already been doing so, just that the hastle of finding the ones you actually want to play with is pushing a lot of users off.

Thanks for your time! :D