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Tutorial Video Notes & Planning
« on: July 26, 2014, 01:47:39 pm »
I mentioned a while ago on Twitter that I wanted to finally take the time to make a proper, in-depth tutorial video for Redacted and, to a lesser extent, Divekick in general. I think Redacted could really use a solid tutorial video just because her brand of space control is not as intuitive compared to a lot of characters, even for having something of a vanilla play style.

I'm using this thread to jot down some personal notes, but any constructive input is also appreciated.

- Why play Redacted?
    - Fundamentally sound
    - Rewards great reactions
    - High speed with great defense
- Play Style
    - Safe pressure
    - Bait and punish
    - Corner superiority

    - Movement (Dive/Kick)
    - Specials
    - Gem selection

Concepts & Implementation:
    - Using grounded movement
    - Using height leverage
    - Using speed/reactions (punishing, buffering Feral Stance, etc.)
    - Kickfactor management
    - Practical applications of specials

Feral Stance: (Yes, Feral Stance is deserving of its own section.)
    - Properties and options
    - Meter manipulation
    - Evade-and-counter strategies
    - DOs and DON'Ts

High-Level Concepts & Advanced Tech:
    - Concussion management
    - Reverse Feral Stance & Forward Jump
    - Match-ups
    - YOLO Gem(!?)
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