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Title: We need some serious HELP!
Post by: Laitome on December 21, 2014, 04:46:43 pm
First, sorry for posting here of all places but almost every other board is getting fucked by spam bots.

Second, the spam is really getting out of hand. It is so bad that it makes the forums almost useless now. Yesterday I held the mirror tourney like I always do and 2 other people showed up TWO, so I just decided to move it to next year and I have put up a notice and locked the post to stop the spam on the post from growing. But the spam keeps on getting worse. It used to be once a day then twice then three to four daily all within the general discussion. One day I decided to start a conversation about the forums, precisely why we have no Gat board, ever saw it?
I bet you guys didn't even know it existed because not even 15 minutes after I posted that topic a HUGE SHITSTORM of spam posts came up by the minute by a single bot, Howardsn. In a day the size of the general discussion doubled. And now? all but 13 pages of the general discussion is pure spam and we can't have a minute go by that doesn't have a bot posting something.

So I guess in the end of the day what are we gonna do? I wouldn't be surprised if this got buried in spam, but we need to do something about the bots because they are destroying these forums and making it difficult to discuss anything from getting notices out to tier discussion. I mean we are already kind of a dying community but the spam is just denying any chances of revival.

Once again sorry for having to post this in the wrong place but there is a much bigger elephant on the forums and thank you for reading my little rant.

So for old times sake: Discuss.
Title: Re: We need some serious HELP!
Post by: TOGOpuff on December 21, 2014, 09:44:37 pm
first things first : sorry i didn't show up for mirror tourney. i completely forgot over the hype of playing injustice . This won't happen again.

Second. Yes the spam seems to be a forever unsolved problem. Admins dropped this forum and steam seems to be the only place i can really get in touch with other divekickers. I don't know if this forum will ever come back from this pit it is in now, but i wish it did.  Not only it is bad for our communications but as a official forum, being in this state is bad for the game image itself. Divekick was CEO2014 and the official forum is overrun by bots ? This is bad. Really bad.
 We just had Johnny Gat added to the game, so we can't say it's dead (unless it was a goodbye gift, once again, i hope not.)

  Honestly, as much as i love this game, if i was to buy it now and decided to take a peek into the official forums before buying it i wouldn't. This place needs some cleaning asap.  :(
Title: Re: We need some serious HELP!
Post by: Laitome on December 22, 2014, 05:18:16 pm
Looks like -G- got the word out and is hopefully working on a solution but it seems that people just haven't seen it. can't blame him that post is getting flooded out even with the notice stickied and locked. So hope's out to a solution for the few of you who still read this